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We take your company's road to the future by increasing the efficiency of your financial processes with the innovative solutions we offer in the fields of online collection and open banking.


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Finrota makes your financial processes more efficient and manageable and automated by saving time from a single screen, with solutions tailored to the needs of customers. All on one screen!

What is Netahsilat?

It provides fast and secure payments from dealers, subscribers, customers, users with unlimited POS integration and advanced collection methods.

Secure Infrastructure

It has a 3D Secure compliant e-collection infrastructure that includes PCI DSS and ISO 27001 security standards, which is included in the VISA Europe Solution Partners list.

Collection via SMS, E-mail, Mobile Application

It provides credit card collection opportunity in the field by sending a payment link via mobile application to dealers, customers and members without the need for a physical POS.

Currency Collection System

Besides Turkish Lira, it provides the opportunity to receive collections in many currencies, USD, EURO, GBP and SAR etc.

What is Netahsilat?


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SMEs, Small Business Owners In short,​
anyone who runs their own business.​

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