All Banks on One Screen!

With Netekstre, which offers Open Banking solutions, you can track all your bank accounts, company credit card transactions and statement information from a single panel. Take control of your money flow with detailed reporting feature.

  • All bank and company credit card transactions on a single panel
  • Special reports can be created and received instantly and periodically via e-mail.
  • Account transactions are categorized and transferred to ERP systems.
All Banks on One Screen!

NetEkstre Customers

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Advantages of NetEkstre

Instantly check the balance in your accounts and the status of your company credit card transactions.

All Banks on One Screen!
Single Panel

Since you can track all your bank account and company credit card transactions from a single panel, you will be able to see the previous day's transfer balance and current balance.

All Banks on One Screen!
Push Notifications

You can instantly see all the transfer/eft transactions in your bank accounts, and you can notify the person or people you want by e-mail at the same time.

All Banks on One Screen!
Ease of Access and Use

You can access the system online from all locations, with your desktop and mobile devices, and track your accounts.

All Banks on One Screen!
Consolidated Graphic Reports

You can see all your bank/account statuses with instant graphic reports on a daily or weekly basis.


What is?

What is Netekstre?

Open Banking product Netekstre, as a service to display bank account and company credit card transactions, receives your account and card transactions online from banks and allows you to view all transactions on a single panel. All collected transactions are translated into a common data structure and transferred to ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Logo, Netsis, Mikro, Eta etc.) over the web service. Converting all transactions to a common data structure and quickly transferring them to ERP/accounting systems provides companies with great savings in terms of time and workforce.

How does it work?

How Does the Process Work?

Choose the package that suits you best and authorize your bank. Buy one of our packages that suits your needs and give your bank an authorization request for online data transfer. Make the definitions in the simple interface in the system.

All Banks on One Screen!


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