Strengthen your business with Netahsilat

It helps you receive easy, fast and secure payments from dealers, subscribers, customers and users with unlimited POS integration and transfer them to your ERP systems.

  • Collection from Dealers and Sub-Dealers
  • Collection via SMS, E-mail, Mobile Application
  • Installment option for all card brands
Strengthen your business with Netahsilat

Netahsilat Customers

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Easily collect your payments from anywhere

Finrota has been redesigned to provide a perfect experience for your mobile payment transactions. Download the application now, do not waste time to experience the perfect payment!

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat
Secure Infrastructure

There is a 3D Secure compliant e-collection infrastructure that includes PCI DSS and ISO 27001 security standards.

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat
Instant POS Application

As the owner of Param POS, you can take advantage of offering installments from 9 of the most common card brands with a single POS to your customers.

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat
Unlimited virtual POS integration

Access the convenience of the e-collection system, which allows payments to be made via virtual POS of contracted banks and payment systems.

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat
Foreign Currency Collection System

Receive payments from your customers by sending a link via SMS / E-Mail / QR Code.

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat

Netahsilat; It can be integrated with virtual POSs, accounting (ERP system) programs, payment institutions and bank accounts.


How to collect through Netahsilat?

Fast and Easy Collection with High-Level Security Solutions

Thanks to the remote collection opportunity, you can make payments effortlessly at any time using mobile devices with Android or iOS software, without being tied to any location.

  • Collection in the field via smartphone, tablet and mobile application with Netahsilat infrastructure, without a POS device.

  • Credit card collection by sending payment links via SMS to dealers, customers and members via Netahsilat infrastructure.

  • Credit card collection by sending payment links via e-mail to dealers, customers and members via Netahsilat infrastructure.

  • Thanks to the Netahsilat infrastructure, in addition to Turkish Lira, USD, EURO, GBP and SAR etc. Provides collection opportunity in currencies.

Collection From Whom?

Collection from Dealers, Customers and Members

Expand your collection network.

  • Make online collections with the user code and password you will give to your dealers/sub-dealers.

  • Dealers and sub-dealers can make payments to their current accounts with their customer cards.

  • Collections can be made online from corporate and individual customers.

Strengthen your business with Netahsilat


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Netahsilat Special Project Development

Let us develop solutions specific to your company's business processes and needs with Netahsilat Project. We offer many of the features you need by adapting them to your company's needs. In addition, you can install the Netahsilat infrastructure on your own company systems, or you can make it work over our systems with our hosting service.

Enterprise Packages

It offers advanced security, powerful admin controls, and more.

  • Advanced Customer Support Support Specialists inform users in detail about the use of the product, and contribute to the user experience by solving the operational processes and all kinds of requests that users have difficulty in doing.

  • Customizations It offers customized solutions optimized for your company's business processes and needs.

  • Server Hosting Services It includes web hosting, database hosting, operating systems services.

03Dozens of banks and payment methods

Get all your local and global collections quickly with 18 international payment methods. Get an offer now to use the integration of 3 payment institutions providing virtual POS services in your business!

Aktif Bank
Albaraka Türk
Garanti Bankası
ING Bank
Kuveyt Türk
QNB Finansbank
Türkiye Finans
Türkiye İş Bankası
Yapı Kredi
Ziraat Bankası

Payment Methods

Finrota offers many payment alternatives suitable for your business. Benefit from Finrota's most suitable solutions with low cost advantages with just one contract and start receiving payments.

  • Virtual POS Collect your product and service sales online with a credit and/or debit card. Get collections from dealers and enable dealers to easily pay to the main company.

  • Instant Credit Provide an uninterrupted shopping experience with Instant Credit to your customers who do not want to use payment methods such as EFT/Money Transfer or whose card limit is insufficient.

  • International Payment Methods Reach more users with local payment methods specific to the countries you sell to.

  • Alternative Payment Methods You can offer payment methods such as BKM Ekspress, Masterpass, Garantipay to your customers without the need for an additional integration.