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    • Only Payment Institution

    • 250 Collection Transaction (Monthly)

    • 500.000 TL Collection Volume ( Monthly)




    • Only Payment Institution + 4 Bank POS

    • 500 Collection Transaction (Monthly)

    • 1.000.000 TL Collection Volume ( Monthly)

Streamline your Financial Processes

Get all your local and global collections quickly with 18 international payment methods. It can be integrated with international payment systems, payment institutions and banks. Get an offer now to use the integration of 3 payment institutions providing virtual POS services in your business!

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BanBanks and Payment Institutions

Payment Institution

Payment Institution +2 Bank POS

Payment Institution +4 Bank POS

Collection Transaction (Monthly)




Collection Volume (Monthly)




3D Secure

Mobile Application

SMS* / E-Mail / QR Code Link Sending

Farklı Different Language Options (TR and EN)

Online Cancellation/Return

  • The first 200 SMS is included in the package and is free of charge. SMS messages are optionally received with an additional package. Additional package fee is 15 TL for 100 SMS. SMS and Collection Limits are not applied for those who have purchased an entry package and are a PARAMPOS user.

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