Online Collection Systems in Turkey

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Online Collection Systems in Turkey

With the widespread use of the Internet, the growth of online shopping has become inevitable. This has increased the importance of reliable and fast payment systems. Online payment systems are systems designed for online credit card collection. There are many options in this field in Turkey, and among the most preferred ones, platforms such as Netahsilat, Param, Iyzico, Paynet, BKM Express, Ipara and Payu stand out.

How Online Payment Systems Work

In order for businesses to collect online credit card payments from their customers and merchants, they must use an e-Collection virtual point-of-sale software infrastructure. This infrastructure enables secure and fast payments. In addition, businesses can also prefer alternative payment systems for a certain commission. If you are considering setting up your own payment system as a business, the first step is to obtain a domain name or subdomain name specific to your business. Then you can set up your online payment system by opening areas on servers equipped according to international security standards. At the end of this process, you can complete the payment system by applying for virtual POS at banks.

Alternative Payment Systems

Instead of setting up your own payment system, it is also an option to use the systems of companies that provide online payment system services. These companies provide services by making deductions or taking commissions per payment. By choosing an alternative payment system that suits the needs of your business, you can receive online payments through your e-commerce site.

  1. Commission Rates: The commission rates for each payment transaction are important. It is important to determine the appropriate commission rates based on your business's revenue model and sales volume.

  2. Ease of integration: The payment system you choose should be compatible with your e-commerce site or other business platforms. Choosing a system that is easy to integrate and use will make your business processes easier.

  3. Security The security of your customers' payment information is paramount. The payment system you choose must comply with security standards and SSL certificates.

  4. Mobile Compatibility: With the rise of mobile shopping, it is important that your payment system is mobile compatible. Choosing a system that facilitates payments from mobile devices will give your business an edge.

  5. Customer Support: In the event of a problem, the customer service and technical support provided by the company providing the payment system is very important. Choosing a company that can provide fast and effective support will ensure that your business is not disrupted.

Netahsilat Online Payment System

Used by over 1000 companies in Turkey, Netahsilat is an online payment system that can be modeled according to different needs and business processes. It enables online credit card collections from merchants, corporate clients and consumers. One of the biggest advantages of Netahsilat is that all payments received are credited directly to the account.

Privileges of Netahsilat

Netahsilat is not only an online payment system, but also a complete software that eliminates the problems encountered in the collection process. The system offers many payment options, such as single payment, installment collection, commissioned and non-commissioned collection. It can also be integrated with accounting/ERP programs and is mobile compatible.

Company officials and paying parties can track payments and receive statistical reports through the management panel provided by Netahsilat. It is also possible to cancel or refund erroneous payments online.

Netahsilat provides a secure payment infrastructure while saving companies time and effort.

To learn more about online payment systems, request a demo now and schedule a meeting with a customer service representative.

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