The Future of Open Banking in Turkey: Open Banking Platform

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The Future of Open Banking in Turkey: Open Banking Platform

Open banking applications, which emerge as a modern interpretation of banking together with technological developments in the field of internet, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, offer solutions that facilitate the financial life of companies and individuals. Open banking applications, which reduce the management of complex processes created by financial products and transactions, which are diversifying day by day in relations with banks, to a single application, increase performance and provide significant savings from time and labor. While the banking transactions between companies, dealers, sub-dealers, business partners and customers can be controlled from a single screen via open banking platforms, it automates all processes in full integration with accounting, marketing and finance departments.

More Integration in the Future of Open Banking

In the future of open banking, a period is waiting for us in which all of the relationships of companies and individuals with banks are transferred to digital platforms. The days are not far away when being a bank customer, more integrated with e-commerce platforms and financial institutions, easier payments, and easier access to products and services. Today, open banking applications that enable bank customers to access all banks through a single platform will offer solutions that make financial life easier with different aspects. A world where companies and retail banking customers can become bank customers through a single open banking application and access banking products within seconds is possible with open banking. In short, in the future of open banking, there will be greater integration of banking transactions and other areas, regardless of bank, in B2B and B2C areas. While shopping on an e-commerce platform, you can make facilitated payments and credit transactions from any bank account on a single platform; For companies, we are talking about a future where more transactions are reduced to a single platform and rich options are offered to customers.

You Are Always In Control With Open Banking Applications

Developments in payment and collection transactions, one of the areas where open banking applications have made the greatest progress, shed light on the development of open banking. Operating in the field of open banking applications that carry the remote collections of companies to simpler and more secure platforms, Eçözüm serves its customers with its modern and rich product range. With Netahsilat, collections can be made within seconds via SMS or e-mail via a single link; POSRapor allows companies to manage their physical and virtual POS from a single platform. With the E-DBS product, companies can manage their cash flows in a healthy way in transactions between their dealers or business partners. NetEkstre, on the other hand, helps companies to monitor their accounts in all banks instantly. Eçözüm will continue to serve its customers with new products in parallel with the developments in legal regulations, and reflect every innovation in the ecosystem to its customers with its R&D studies as the pioneer of the sector.

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