Manage Your Virtual POS Accounts from a Single Panel

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Manage Your Virtual POS Accounts from a Single Panel

Sales and collection processes are among the common issues for all businesses, regardless of the sector in which they operate. In order for businesses to continue their commercial lives, financial processes must be managed well, as well as collection methods, just like sales channels, must be diversified. Nowadays, the share of online sales in total sales is increasing, virtual POS has a very important place among collection methods. Effective management of virtual POS devices, which allow customers to receive payments for online sales, is a must for effective cash flow control. Many companies have to use more than one virtual POS due to their online sales channels or dealers and sub-dealers. Managing, tracking and analyzing virtual POS devices purchased from different banks or the same bank also returns to companies as a separate workload. Developed to meet this need, Posrapor offers a completely digital experience where payments and accounting processes can be tracked and managed on a single platform.

All your POS terminals on one screen with Posrapor Posrapor, a product developed on the API infrastructure that entered our lives with open banking technology, brings all virtual or physical POS terminals of businesses to a single platform. All POS terminals purchased from different banks or the same banks can be managed via Posrapor and the outputs of the transactions can be easily reported. Thanks to Posrapor, businesses that are active in sales channels and perform many sales transactions can manage their POS transactions from a single screen.

Virtual POS-Accounting Integration Open banking applications, which carry banking transactions completely to digital platforms, offer new experiences for businesses in many areas. Different products developed thanks to APIs, which form the basis of open banking, help businesses move their finance, banking and accounting transactions to the digital world. POS systems, which are among the areas where businesses work most with banks, are gaining a digital infrastructure that will facilitate commercial life with open banking solutions.

Virtual POSs, which are widely used in the sales transactions of companies with their dealers, sub-dealers, customers and other companies, can be managed on a single platform with Posrapor developed by Eçözüm. Moreover, regardless of the bank, businesses can control all their virtual or physical terminals via Posrapor. Especially for businesses that sell on e-commerce platforms, the number of which is increasing day by day, Posrapor provides companies with the opportunity to easily track the sales revenues obtained through virtual POS on different platforms.

The most important feature of Posrapor is that it can be easily integrated with accounting and ERP software. With Posrapor, which can work integrated with , you can instantly and automatically transmit the outputs of your virtual POS to your accounting software. Thus, you can avoid processes such as manually tracking sales transactions and entering data into the accounting program. While you have your time, you do not need to employ personnel to monitor the process between sales and accounting.

View your POS transactions at any time With Posrapor, you can make complex processes simple and automatic for your businesses. You can instantly see how much sales have been made from the POS terminals within your business, the distribution of cash or deferred sales, the number of installments, the amounts and dates of POS payments to your bank accounts. Posrapor instantly calculates the commissions and other deductions received from your POS devices, allowing you to control and report your cash flow at any time. In this way, no matter how many transactions you have on your virtual POS devices, you can avoid confusion, prepare the reports you need and make your financial decisions much more effectively.

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