What is Direct Debit System?

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What is Direct Debit System?

Banking products and versatile digital solutions that support financial management processes in companies support companies to strengthen their financial structure, and enable them to predict and prevent possible disruptions. The Direct Debit System (DDS), which guarantees the collection of receivables arising from sales between companies and their dealers or customers, and accelerates the process, is among the innovative financial services offered by banks. In other words, DDS stands out as a product that facilitates and secures the collection process between the creditor and the debtor company for both parties in invoiced transactions and provides an automatic accounting.

Guarantee Your Collections With Direct Debit System Defined Credit Limits!

One of the most important advantages offered to dealers and customers with the Direct Debit System is the credit limits that can be defined in addition to the balances in their bank accounts. Thanks to the Direct Debit System credit limits allocated to the main companies, the dealers can make their due payments without any problems, even if they do not have a balance in their accounts. The main company that will collect the collection can guarantee its receivables before the due date. Companies can seamlessly plan their financial processes and cash flows, as they can monitor the payment capacities of their dealers and customers over their credit limits. The Direct Debit System, which can be used as an alternative to debt and collection instruments such as checks, letters of guarantee and promissory notes, which are widely preferred in Turkey, also eliminates the costs and risks that may arise from these products. In short, the commission costs of the letter of guarantee and the risk of writing the back of the checks become a thing of the past with Direct Debit System.

Follow All Banks from a Single Platform with Direct Debit System!

Companies with a wide dealer and customer network can manage their Direct Debit System processes, which they carry out through different banks, from a single platform, with the online web service infrastructure Direct Debit System, which is productized by Eçözüm, instead of transmitting them with offline files. Companies that carry their collection transactions to a single screen instead of following each bank separately, can save time by reducing the workload caused by receivable tracking and collection transactions. With the Direct Debit System, you can check the Direct Debit System limits of your dealers in integrated banks online, see the occupancy rates of the limits instantly and upload your invoices easily. By preparing detailed reports on the payments of your dealers and customers, you can analyze your cash flow and make your financial decisions more effectively.

Integration with ERP and Accounting Programs

Thanks to the Direct Debit System, which can be integrated with many ERP and accounting programs, as in all of our Open Banking applications, you can automatically upload your invoices and ensure their results are accounted for. Thanks to the integration feature, you can save labor and time in accounting processes, as well as minimize data entry-related errors. You can view all the orders created in the Direct Debit System whenever you need it, and query them in detail according to different parameters such as order creation date, bank name, order status and amount information.

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