Open Banking in B2B Business Model and Its Advantages

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Open Banking in B2B Business Model and Its Advantages

Open banking, which redefines the understanding of banking, opens wide the doors of an innovative and digital world. Not the banks; Open banking technologies, where banking transactions, data and customers are at the forefront, bring about radical changes in the financial processes of companies. Digital banking, which blends classical banking with computer and internet technologies, is gaining a more competitive structure thanks to open banking applications. With its open architecture and API technologies, open banking enables fast, secure and easy solutions to be implemented in companies' banking transactions. Open banking offers significant advantages for corporate life in the B2B business model, which defines commercial relations between companies, thanks to its capabilities using all the possibilities of technology.

Follow Your Account Movements in All Banks from a Single Platform with NetEkstre!

Companies that work with many banks simultaneously can reduce all their transactions to a single screen, thanks to open banking applications. The ability to control banking transactions with other companies, their own branches and dealers on a single screen is just one of the privileges offered by open banking. With NetEkstre, an open banking application developed by Finrota, you can instantly see all your banking transactions with other companies and quickly transfer the outputs of the transactions to your accounting and ERP applications.

POSRAPOR: Your POS devices are under your control at all times!

Thanks to open banking technologies, POS devices, which are the most important element of commercial life, are turning into devices that are very easy to manage, track and analyze. You can track the payments, deductions and transaction details you will receive from banks after the transactions made by your dealers, sub-dealers, suppliers or customers via POS devices, from a single platform. Prepared by using Finrota's open banking technologies, the PosRapor platform saves you from the complex processes of tracking POS collections not only in the B2B business model but also in the B2C business model.

E-DDS: Direct Debit System is also in the Open Banking World

In the B2B business model, direct debit systems (DDS) that offer safe and guaranteed collection processes between companies are also meeting the open banking world. You can manage the DDS limits defined for your companies with which you have commercial relationships, on a single screen, regardless of the bank. You can easily upload your invoices to banks integrated into the system, check your dealers' DDS limits and guarantee your collections. Additionally, thanks to the integration with E-DDS and ERP accounting systems, you can ensure that both invoices are uploaded and transactions are processed into the current account at once. E-DDS, an open banking application built by Finrota on the direct debit system, helps you manage banks' DDS services from a single screen.

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