How do I get the SSI No Debt Letter?

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How do I get the SSI No Debt Letter?

SSI debt-free letter is a document provided by the social security institution. This document shows that the person has no debt to the SSI and pays their premiums regularly. The letter of no SSI debt is a document that is needed in various situations and is usually requested in cases such as job applications, tenders, loan applications.

What is an SSI No Debt Letter requested for?

An SSI No Debt Letter can be requested for many different reasons. Employers typically request this document to confirm that their job applicants do not owe SSI. Similarly, companies bidding on contracts may want to work with a company that has no SSI debt. For loan applications, banks may also request this document to prove that the person has no SSI debt. These are just a few examples, and the No SSI Debt letter may be requested in various government transactions and processes.

The most common reasons for requesting an SSI debt free letter are as follows:

  • Job applications: Employers may request this document during the hiring process to check for SSI debt. It shows if the applicant has had a covered job in the past and if they have paid their premiums on time.

  • Bids: Companies participating in bids may request this document to ensure that the company receiving the bid does not owe SSI. This ensures that the bidding process runs smoothly and that debts to the public are paid.

  • Loan Applications: Banks may request this document for loan applications to assess the ability of the individual or business to repay the loan. SSI debt is considered a factor that can negatively affect a person's financial situation.

  • Government incentives: In order to qualify for some government incentives, documentation of no SSI debt may be required. These incentives may be in the form of tax breaks or business grants.

  • Government procedures: A letter of no SSI debt may also be required for the issuance of official documents such as passports or driver's licenses.

In addition, a Letter of No SSI Debt may also be used in the following situations:

  • Applying for a pension

  • Job opening certificate

  • Tax return

  • Lease agreement

Obtaining SSI No Debt Letter

The SSI No Debt Letter is a document that proves that individuals have no debts associated with SSI and that premiums are paid regularly. You can follow the steps below to obtain this document:

About E-Government Gateway

E-Government Gateway is a platform where you can conduct many government transactions online. You can follow the steps below to obtain the SSI debt-free letter:

  • Log on to E-Government Gateway: Visit E-Government Gateway through your Internet browser.

  • Search for Services: Enter "No SSI Debt" in the search box and select the appropriate service.

  • Log in: Log in to the system with your Turkish ID number and E-Government password.

  • Make a request: On the page that opens, click the "Request" button to view the document that shows you have no debt.

  • Get the document: If you wish, you can print this document or download it to your computer.

Alo 170

You can also request a No SSI Debt Letter through the Alo 170 call center. Here are the steps:

  • Call Alo 170: Dial 170 from your phone.

  • Enter your identity information: Enter your T.R. ID number into the voice response system.

  • Request: Indicate that you are requesting a debt-free letter.

  • Receive Document via SMS: The system will send you a text message indicating that you are debt-free.

Provincial/District Social Security Offices

You can apply directly to the appropriate provincial/district Social Security offices for an SSI debt-free letter. Here is what you need to do:

  • Apply to the Directorate: Go to the appropriate Social Security Provincial/District Directorate with your T.R. ID number and identification card.

  • Fill out the petition: Fill out the petition requesting a letter of no debt.

  • Receive the document: Your application will be processed and you will receive the document showing that you have no debts.


You can also get a No SSI Debt letter using the E-SGK system. Here are the steps:

  • Log in to E-SGK: Log in to E-SGK from your Internet browser.

  • Make an inquiry: Select "Enquiries" from the "Services" menu.

  • Log in: Log in to the system by entering your Turkish ID number and e-SGK password.

  • View the document: On the page that opens, view the document that shows you have no debts.

  • Get the document: If you prefer, you can print this document or download it to your computer.

Regardless of which method you use, the SSI debt-free letter is free to obtain. However, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Check the barcode on the document. Make sure it is readable.

  • Verify the accuracy of the information on the document.

  • Make sure the document is current, as it is important that it is current if it is to be used in official transactions.

To obtain more information about the SGK debt-free certificate, you can visit the official website of the Social Security Institution or call Alo 170.

It is important to follow the instructions on the official website of SGK and on e-Government for up-to-date information about the process.

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