POS Movement Tracking in Blocked Companies

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POS Movement Tracking in Blocked Companies

Today, collections are of great importance in the cash flow of companies using physical or virtual POS. Companies that often work with multiple banks use a large number of POS devices in their dealers and branches. Working with different banks and using a large number of POS devices for installment or cash sales makes it challenging for companies to monitor cash flow and manage financial processes. Banks' commercial POS services work in two different ways, either as next-day or blocked.

Companies that work in blocked or next-day mode need to carefully monitor the revenues from installment or cash sales, the dates when these revenues will be reflected in bank accounts, and deductions such as interest and commissions. PosRapor, an Open Banking product that facilitates the management of account movements arising from POSs, offers many privileges in financial processes.

POS Rapor for Companies Receiving Blocked POS Service

Planning plays a very important role in the effective cash flow control of all companies that receive blocked virtual and physical POS services from their banks. PosRapor, which allows you to see how much balance from which POS and when it will be reflected in the accounts, supports the follow-up of the process between POSs and your bank accounts. Thanks to PosRapor, you can view detailed information about how much sales are made from which bank's POS, the distribution of revenues from installment sales according to maturities, the sales performance of your dealers' POS, if any, and whether your sales are installment or cash sales at any time.

With PosRapor, you can manage your cash flow without spending extra effort and saving time, and you can turn the process in your favor by eliminating the complexity of reporting according to the banks brought by working in a blocked manner. While receiving the blocked POS service that you work with lower interest and commission expenses, you can report and analyze all expenses and make more effective financial decisions accordingly, knowing how much payment you will receive from which bank on which date in installment sales.

Easy Integration with ERP and Accounting Applications

With the PosRapor platform, you can automatically transfer the data obtained while monitoring your cash flow at any time to ERP and accounting programs. Thus, you can perform accounting/finance management with the most accurate data without making data entry and calculation errors. With the reporting tools offered by the platform, you can make your data more meaningful, archive it and easily access this information whenever you want.

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