Offer Your Customers the Possibility to Pay with Credit

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Offer Your Customers the Possibility to Pay with Credit

Payment by credit (B2C) allows dealers to make easy and timely payments to the parent company. Payment by commercial credit offers advantageous interest rates and many campaigns, as well as the opportunity for businesses to better manage their cash flows.

Customer satisfaction and sales volume are the key factors determining the success of businesses. An effective way to deal with customers who have insufficient card limits, do not want to replenish their limits or demand longer terms is to offer the option to pay by credit.

Collect on Credit: Enhance the Shopping Experience

Nowadays, payment with trade credit is gaining more and more popularity as a way to enrich the shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction. This alternative payment method allows customers to complete their purchases without any hassle, avoiding card limit issues. It also offers an attractive alternative for customers who do not want to max out their card limits or are looking for longer-term payment options.

Online Credit Payment for Customers (B2C)

For customers, online credit payment (B2C), in particular, has great potential to optimize shopping processes and provide financial convenience. This solution offers companies the opportunity to manage their business processes more effectively and better control their cash management processes.

By partnering with Netahsilat, businesses can benefit from various campaigns and offer their customers the opportunity to pay with loans with special interest rates at the contracted locations. Providing interest rates that suit the financial needs of customers is critical for successful cash management. In addition to facilitating collections in commercial processes, Netahsilat increases the competitive advantage of businesses by offering advantageous payment options.

Netahsilat and Kredim Cooperation

The Netahsilat and Kredim collaboration offers businesses significant benefits in optimizing financial processes and strengthening cash management. This payment preference provides easier access to resources to help businesses gain a competitive advantage financially. By improving processes every day, we help businesses spend more time developing their business instead of worrying about collections.

Netahsilat Provides Conveniences with Online Credit

Fast, Digital and Secure Payment

Netahsilat offers its customers fast, digital and secure payments with Kredim. It increases customer satisfaction by accelerating the shopping experience.

Collection Collaborations and Advantageous Rates

The campaigns and advantageous interest rates offered to customers through Netahsilat's strong partnerships provide economic advantages when shopping. In this way, customers can benefit from longer-term payment options while saving money in payment processes.

Credit collection is a payment method that improves the shopping experience. For businesses, online trade credit has become an important tool to optimize financial processes and strengthen cash management. Netahsilat's strong partnerships and advantageous interest rates provide customers with an economical solution and businesses with a competitive advantage.

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