Direct Debit System (DBS): Benefits for Dealers

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Direct Debit System (DBS): Benefits for Dealers

In the world of finance, relationships are extremely important for the success of businesses. Especially when it comes to the relations of businesses with their vendors, this situation becomes even more important. Businesses aim to manage processes properly by establishing a healthy relationship with their vendors. One key to nurturing these relationships is the efficient management of accounts payable.

Direct Debit System (DBS) is a cash management product that enables companies with a widespread dealer and sales network to automatically collect invoiced receivables from dealers and distributors to whom they sell goods and services. DBS offers many advantages to dealers and provides businesses with the opportunity to manage their payments more easily and comfortably.

What is the DBS Limit?

DBS Limit refers to the credit limit that the dealer can use. This limit is the credit account opened by the bank to the dealer. The DBS system provides dealers with payment convenience in cash shortages. The dealer makes its payments within this limit and regulates its cash flow. Thus, even when the dealer encounters financial difficulties, it has the opportunity to make its payments on time.

Advantages of DBS System for Dealers

Organising Cash Flow: The DBS system allows dealers to organise their cash flow. Dealers do not experience cash congestion by collecting their receivables automatically and make their payments easily.

Payment Convenience: DBS system offers payment convenience to dealers. Dealers make their payments within the credit limit and keep their cash flow under control. In this way, they can make their payments without interruption even in case of cash shortage.

Single Crediting Operation: The DBS system enables dealers to have both non-cash and cash credit limits. With a single lending operation, dealers can easily manage all their payments and perform their financial transactions more efficiently.

Financial Flexibility: DBS system provides financial flexibility to dealers. Dealers can grow their businesses, add new products and expand their customer base within the credit limit. Thus, they have the opportunity to develop and grow their businesses.

Efficient Cash Management: The DBS system offers dealers an efficient cash management opportunity. Dealers keep cash flow under control by automatically collecting their receivables. In this way, they minimise the risk of cash shortages and manage financial processes more effectively.

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